Sri Sri Radha Damodara Temple

The Deity of Sri Radha Damodara was hand carved by Srila Rupa Goswami after he received instructions from Krishna in a dream. Later he gifted the Deity to Srila Jiva Goswami for worshiping. Lord Damodara is the presiding Deity of Karthika month.


Sri Shyamsundar – Manifested from Radharani’s Heart

This temple houses the Deity of Sri Shyamsundar who was manifested from the heart of Srimati Radharani and is known for its famous Nupura-tilaka. Srila Shyamananda Pandit had the fortune of finding the anklet of Srimati Radharani and touching Her lotus feet.

Sri Radha Gokulananda Temple

This temple is one amongst the seven main temples in Vrindavana. It houses the Deity of Sri Gokulananda, Sri Sri Radha Vijaya Govindaji, Sri Sri Radha Vinoda and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was worshiped by Sri Narottama Dasa Thakura.

The Samadhi of Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami

Sri Gopala Bhatta Gosvami was the son of Venkata Bhatta, a resident of Sri Rangam. Gopala Bhatta formerly belonged to the disciplic succession of the Ramanuja-sampradaya but later became part of the Gaudiya-sampradaya.… Continue reading

Sri Radha-ramana Temple

Radha-ramana is the most beautiful Deity form of Krishna on this planet. This Deity is self-manifested from a shaligrama shila and was worshiped by Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami. Radha-ramana manifested Himself to fulfill the desire of Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami, who wanted to decorate the Deity form of the Lord.

Sri Radha Govindaji Temple

Govinda is another name of Krishna which means that He gives pleasure to the cows and He gives pleasure to the senses. Sri Govindadev is Vrindavaneshwara – the Lord of Sri Vrindavana. In the Skanda, Padma, Varaha and other Puranas, He is said to be Vrindavana’s King. The Deity of Govindadev is one among the three Deities of Krishna carved by Vajranabha under the guidance of Uttara.

Sri Radha Gopinath – The Ultimate Attraction

Glories of Sri Vrindavana Dham vanam vrindavanam nama pashavyam nava-kananam gopa-gopi-gavam sevyam punyadri-trina-virudham Between Nandeshvara and Mahavana is a place named Vrindavana. This place is very suitable because it is lush with grass,… Continue reading

Madana Mohana Temple – The Oldest Temple in Vrindavana

jayataṁ suratau paṅgor mama manda-mater gati mat-sarvasva-padambhojau radha-madana-mohanau “Glory to the all-merciful Radha and Madana-mohana! I am lame and ill advised, yet They are my directors, and Their lotus feet are everything to… Continue reading

Introduction to Sri Vrindavana Dham

Hare Krishna, dear devotees, I am sincerely trying to present the glories of Sri Vrindavana Dham through this book. I hope this series will bring you all closer to Vrindavana Dham. I beg… Continue reading

Ramadevara Betta

Ramanagara As the name itself suggests, Ramanagara is the town named after Sri Ramachandra, the King of Ayodhya. Veiled in its scenic beauty is Sri Ramagiri or Sri Ramadevara Betta, a sacred hill… Continue reading